Empowering People to have Freedom Within Boundaries

Our mission is to empower people to have freedom within boundaries. How? By connecting people all over the globe with community leaders and development opportunities. Together we can see scaleable impact around the world. Explore how your mission can grow with us. 

Empowerment Model

Because we believe that our role is to serve the dreams of others, we empower indigenous leaders all around the globe to have maximum impact in their communities; likewise, we empower those that can’t go to get involved and add value.

Self Funding Model

Every community leader that we partner with either has a small business or is supported by a small business to make every project as self-sustaining as possible reducing the need for further funding once the project is established.

Bring Transformation

Our approach to community development brings radical transformation to the whole community, influencing every level of society – Spirit, Soul and Body.

Multiplication Model

At Meta Benevolent, our focus on multiplication has created rapid growth across the globe resulting in more communities and people being helped.

Return on Investment

At Meta Benevolent, we have worked with over 7,500 local community leaders all across the globe. Every one of these leaders works with his community to bring self-sustaining and lasting transformation in multiple areas. At Meta Benevolent, we have a saying, development is always about people! Our partners focus on developing people at every level seeing excellent results across different community needs. This creates an amazing investment.

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Be a part of the transformation

Community Leadership Development

Helping community leaders see their dreams turn into a reality

Meta Benevolent is about empowering people to have success in every part of their lives. We aim to equip leaders and enable them to become powerful agents of transformation, helping them as they seek to shift culture, break the poverty cycle and influence whole communities. 

Community Development

Helping communities into a better tomorrow

At Meta Benevolent we are all about community. By working with community leaders to develop the community, we are able to add value and empower people to be the best version of themselves. Identifying community issues and then working with that community to solve these constraints is central to our approach as we endeavour to bring transformation. 

Economic Sustainability

Helping communities see their dreams turn into a reality

The Meta Benevolent community are committed to seeing the poverty cycle broken amongst the most vulnerable and poorest people on earth. We work with people to not only solve immediate issues of poverty but also empower people to find a pathway out of their current circumstances. Our empowerment model helps people break free from the tyranny of being a slave to poverty and sets them up for long-term solutions and economic sustainability – thus giving people the dignity they so richly deserve. 

Global Impact

Since 2020 Meta Benevolent has been bringing transformation to nations all over the world. LeadershipPrograms, Water and Sanitation projects initiated, health projects, educational projects, micro enterprise and business projects and relief projects in nations experiencing a crisis. Why? Because at Meta Benevolent we want people to see the greatness of our God and experience first hand His incredible love toward all of humanity. At Meta Benevolent we track the numbers but it’s the people that matter most and they are more than numbers, they are valuable individuals whom we want to empower to be the best version of themselves. These are their stories! 

Communities Impacted
Communities Impacted

We partner with organisations and Kingdom churches that focus on developing their communities and bringing transformation to every level of society. Organisations and Kingdom churches that focus outward, not inward, with leaders that care for their local community.

Individuals helped
through WASH programs
Individuals helped
through WASH programs

Access to clean drinking water is life transforming. It improves health dramatically, empowers children to attend school and adults to be more productive in their vocations. The time saved by no longer needing to fetch water in some cases exceeds one million man hours per year. That’s community transformation. 

New Businesses started
New Businesses started

Breaking the poverty cycle is essential to bringing transformation to any community. Metamorphic empowered entrepreneurs are being the difference in over 20 nations today! Launching new businesses and mentoring others to succeed.

Leaders currently in training
People currently in training

Motivated people that want to be the difference either where they are or on the other side of the world. People empowered in the metamorphic way with a passion for people and bringing wholistic transformation

The Team

Learn more about the team behind Metamorphic and the values that drive them. 

A passionate team committed to helping you be the best version of yourself, helping you find your part in the metamorphic community and empowering you to use your gifts.

what are you waiting for?

Be a part of the transformation

Albert Einstein

"Without changing our patterns of thought we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought"

Think Different

Lindsay Clarke

Vuja de = seeing something for the first time


Sun Tzu

"Opportunities Multiply as they are seized"



Once Off
  1. Gifts to approved Metamorphic Projects over $2 are tax deductible.

  2. No non-development activities are undertaken using tax-deductible gifts.

  3. Our projects are typically designed in such a way that the activities can be implemented incrementally, regardless of whether a fundraising target is met or exceeded (e.g. if a project includes 3 wells but only enough funds are raised for 2 wells, then only 2 wells will be completed). In the case where excess funds are received they may be applied to other similar projects (e.g. any funds in excess of what is required for 3 wells but may be applied to a school latrine project in a different region).

  4. All donations (gifts) and contributions to Metamorphic are made unconditionally however we note your preferred beneficiary as indicated by your allocation. The project manager may alter the allocation in the best interest of project outcomes (e.g. if a different solution will help more people, that option will be chosen).

  5. Please note: All reports will reflect the above and accurately account for the results