Uganda Community Transformation & Wash Project – Bubaka

Project TypeWASH
Project LocationUganda
1 June 2021
1 June 2023
Project Description

This project is aimed at rural people in Uganda who don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. As a result of poor water quality and poor hygiene practices, many people in Uganda experience poor health, and the infant morbidity rate is alarming, with diarrhoea still the biggest killer of children under five years of age. Added to this, poor water quality and poor hygiene result in a non-productive society with absenteeism high among workers and students. 

 This project addresses these issues and empowers the recipients to take charge of their life, health and education and see continual improvement on a scalable level. 

 The projected impact is that 3890 people have access to clean, safe drinking water for the first time in their lives for $16.77 AUD per person. We estimate that 238,368 man-hours can be saved per annum based on one person per family fetching water three times per week). Those man-hours saved will be reinvested into productive activities such as education and creating income. Fourthly we would expect measurable improvement in health in these communities resulting in lives saved and more productive locals who will benefit from fewer sick days. 

 The majority of the people that will be helped are a part of the poorest in Uganda, and this district is one of many where people still live on less than $2 per day.  

Expected Outcomes
A decrease in the incidence of water-borne and hygiene-related illnesses. A tangible improvement in the knowledge and behaviour regarding sanitation and hygiene. Increased household income levels because of better health directly related to the project. Increased school attendance and improved grades. Decrease in the time each household spends meeting daily water needs.
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Meta Benevolent
Metamorphic exists to alleviate poverty and empower recipients to create a better future. All of our projects are designed to take the limitations off people and educate them in such a way that they can take control of their future and then help others. As an organisation, we believe in equality for all human beings regardless of race, gender, or social background. Thus, we focus on bringing solutions to those that are underprivileged, persecuted and or disempowered.
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  3. Our projects are typically designed in such a way that the activities can be implemented incrementally, regardless of whether a fundraising target is met or exceeded (e.g. if a project includes 3 wells but only enough funds are raised for 2 wells, then only 2 wells will be completed). In the case where excess funds are received they may be applied to other similar projects (e.g. any funds in excess of what is required for 3 wells but may be applied to a school latrine project in a different region).

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