Rajan Nagarkoti


As the Nepal Program Director, I’m passionate about planting Kingdom churches across Nepal and beyond. partnering with those who have a vision for church planting, teaching, and encouraging with empowerment to plant kingdom churches as much as possible.

Jordan Whalen


Jordan is married to Annalena and is focussed on reporting and marketing within the scope of communication director. He has a passion to see churches planted and to see nations transformed by God’s Kingdom.

Patrick Lukyamuzi


As a program director for Metamorphic Uganda Patrick has A commitment to mobilizing the church of Jesus Christ into diligent kingdom service and ensuring the acquisition of practical skills necessary as preparation to bring about eventual community and national transformation hence attaining to kind of development God requires in these end times

Neardey San


As the Cambodian Project Director Neardey designs and manages a vast array of initiatives that empower people to be the best version of themselves. Neardey is passionate about building the self esteem of the church and the individual, and her Kingdom focus makes that a reality.

Phealy Hutt

As the Asian Region Ministry Director Phealy is passionate about planting Kingdom churches across the region and beyond. Empowering church planters to break the poverty cycle and live generous lives is central to her focus and the focus of Metamorphic in Asia. Phealy is a dynamic instrument of transformation to her generation and facilitator of […]

Arinaitwe Elison


Elison is the African Region Missions Director and he is passionate about empowering and equipping local leaders across the continent with a desire to bring total transformation in their communities.

Brett Letcher

Brett Letcher

As the Global business Manager of Metamorphic Brett is passionate about the church and its ability to transform nations, communities and individuals. Governance, resourcing and empowering people with those resources is central to Brett’s focus on helping people succeed.

Lindsay Clarke


As the CEO of Metamorphic Lindsay personifies all things Metamorphic with his overwhelming commitment to transformation. Lindsay is passionate about the church and empowering people to see their value and uniqueness in the Kingdom. Lindsay is committed to helping people find their part in Gods plan and then equipping them and releasing them into their […]