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Our team are passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself, helping you find your part in the Meta Benevolent community and empowering you to use your gifts to impact the world around you. As we work with you to discover your exceptional potential, we together maximise our effectiveness.

Meta Benevolent coaches endeavour to bring you into the world of transformation so that you too, can bring transformation to others. Whether you engage through our website or one of our online short courses, your world will never be the same again. Welcome to the Metamorphic zone, where we laugh at the impossible and then do it!

our people

Meet your Coaches

A team of coaches that are committed to empowering you to be the most effective and equipped as you can be.

Jordan Whalen


Patrick Lukyamuzi


Neardey San


Phealy Hutt


Arinaitwe Elison


Brett Letcher

Brett Letcher

Lindsay Clarke


Our Commitment

Our values shape us

Our values or culture shape our current reality and determine our future. These values have a sound that either attracts or repels people. It’s how tribes are formed, successful companies forged, and strong families created. 

The Meta Benevolent’s culture is deliberate, it’s our DNA it’s how we make decisions, and it defines not only our language but also our action. 

Many people get caught up with what they do, but our Meta Benevolent community is more focused on who we are. When we know who we are, we can move forward with purpose and confidence.


The Meta Benevolent team is committed to displaying grace in all of our endeavours and expects that it will be evident in our language and all of our communication.


We think it important to show honor to all people and we do this by empowering people to be their best version of themselves and creating opportunities for people to succeed and grow into.


We want to help people walk in Godly confidence in the knowledge that God has seeded them with greatness and purpose and that they are significant.


At Meta Benevolent we don’t see ourselves as beggars but rather as children of the most High God and because of this we believe in a no limit lifestyle where God provides miraculously in every area of our lives, where he exceeds our expectations. For this reason generosity is our mantra.


We believe that in our quest to build the Kingdom we should work in unity with others and take as many as possible on the journey toward the goal while being a blessing to others on a different journey. We're not interested in competition but prefer win-win relationships of co-operation.

what are you waiting for?

Be a part of the transformation

Albert Einstein

"Without changing our patterns of thought we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought"

Think Different

Lindsay Clarke

Vuja de = seeing something for the first time


Sun Tzu

"Opportunities Multiply as they are seized"



Once Off
  1. Gifts to approved Metamorphic Projects over $2 are tax deductible.

  2. No non-development activities are undertaken using tax-deductible gifts.

  3. Our projects are typically designed in such a way that the activities can be implemented incrementally, regardless of whether a fundraising target is met or exceeded (e.g. if a project includes 3 wells but only enough funds are raised for 2 wells, then only 2 wells will be completed). In the case where excess funds are received they may be applied to other similar projects (e.g. any funds in excess of what is required for 3 wells but may be applied to a school latrine project in a different region).

  4. All donations (gifts) and contributions to Metamorphic are made unconditionally however we note your preferred beneficiary as indicated by your allocation. The project manager may alter the allocation in the best interest of project outcomes (e.g. if a different solution will help more people, that option will be chosen).

  5. Please note: All reports will reflect the above and accurately account for the results